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Here are a few blog posts, videos and articles on the theme of the event. We will be adding more in the lead up to the event.


Read Dan Silver’s blog on the significance of media representations of poverty and welfare to policy reform here

Hear Tracy Shildrick and Rob MacDonald talk about the research – funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation – which counters the popular idea of three generations of families who have never worked, here

A series of articles by social researchers on ‘Representations of the Poor and the Politics of Welfare Reform’ in the journal Sociological Research Online can be found online here

Read Stephen Crossley and Tom Slater’s article on Benefits Street and stigma here

Read Tracey Jensen’s article on poverty porn television and austerity culture here

Bev Skeggs’ article on the history of the demonization of the working class can be read here

Watch Deirdre Kelly from Benefits Street being interviewed on BBC Newsnight here

Watch ‘Shafting Shadworth’ a parody of ‘documentary’ programmes like Benefits Street and the editing techniques they use to negatively portray communities living with poverty here

Watch ‘ High Noon Wythenshawe: Drugs, Thugs & Hoody Hugs’, another take on media stereotypes, here



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