The Organisers

This event is organised by Dan Silver and Amina Lone (Directors of the Social Action and Research Foundation), and Kim Allen (Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University).

Kim Allen is a Research Fellow in the Education and Social Research Institute (ESRI) at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Her research focuses broadly on inequalities in young people’s experiences of education and work, and representations of class and gender within popular culture.  She has recently published an article about White Dee and the gender politics of ‘poverty porn’ with Imogen Tyler and Sara De Benedictis (available here).

Dan Silver has worked for several voluntary and community sector organisations as well with a local authority, with the aim of promoting equality and participation in policy development at local, regional and national levels.

Amina Lone  has over twenty years experience working in the voluntary and community sector in three key English cities: Birmingham, London and Manchester.  The depth and breadth of this work has enabled Amina to work across sectors as well as working at local, regional and national levels.

You can read more about SARF’s work, including their recent report on white working class communities, here.

This event is supported by the ESRC’s Festival of Social Sciences.

The brilliant posters and images for the event were designed by the talented Dan Farley.




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