Welcome to the website that has been set up by Kim Allen (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dan Silver and Amina Lone (Social Action and Research Foundation)  to help build debate around our upcoming event Does ‘Poverty Porn’ undermine the Welfare State?  which takes place in Manchester on the 6th November.

The event is part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Sciences – a series of public events which seek to raise the profile of social science research and explore how it can and does contribute to society (you can read more about the festival here)

Our event will bring together social science researchers, policymakers, journalists, activists and the general public to discuss a pressing public issue: the relationship between welfare policy and media representations of poverty.

In the context of ongoing public debates about Channel 4’s ‘Benefits Street’ – the so-called ‘documentary’ series charting life on benefits – this event will raise questions on the impact of stigmatising media portrayals of poverty on government policy and public attitudes towards welfare.

We hope you will join us.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more content to the site – including further details of the speakers – however you can take a look at the draft programme and our fantastic line up of speakers here.


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